Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am so nervous right now I could vomit. In 13 minutes my Buckeyes will take on #1 ranked USC.

Last week's game was not so good so that has me scared. We can not play like that at all, not even for a second if we want to win tonight. Then Beanie Wells is out with his foot injury which really sucks. He isn't the only running back we have but he is definitely a good one and will be missed.

So right now I am saying about a million different prayers, sitting in my chair, with my shirt, and my Buckeye necklace. The kids are also in their shirts and Emma has her Block "O" face tattoo. The best part about tonight it that Dave is here and gets to watch the game with us and of course he is in his newest shirt.

Ok it's getting to close so I am going to watch my game. I'm sure there will be tears I just hope they are the overjoyed kind.


Anonymous said...

Its all good baby!

Kelly said...

I'm watching the game right now and thinking of you...keeping my fingers crossed!!

Tiffany McCallen said...

Oy vey—I'm hoping our beloved Bucks go into the locker room for halftime and come out PUMPED! :)

Candid Carrie said...
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Melinda said...

haha...I had to laugh out loud when I read the beginning of your post because that is EXACTLY how I felt! I was nervous enough to puke too! haha...imagine if we felt like that how our guys must have felt?

I agree they played pretty well starting out on the game Sept. 13....but then it went to crap pretty quickly. There is NO excuse to allow the quarterback to get sacked that many times....I sat in stunned silence.

I don't want everyone to put so much HYPE into one player though. BW is great and all but the TEAM is still a great team or has the potential to be one...if they play the players right....and the guys themselves realize it. If they are believing they are nothing without will all turn to crap.

I have read where some so-called FANS are already saying they will not watch the games anymore......wha wha wha.....but to me that is not a true fan. You still show support and are there to watch even though they may play badly sometimes.

It is also our job as fans to help keep them on track and hold them accountable to superior playing! (HEY BUCKS.....are ya hearing this???)

We hold the team in pretty high standards...or at least I do. I expect a lot from MY team ....110% all the time. No excuses. That is what they have become famous for....but it takes a lot to actually pull that off season after season...and the right kind of guys playing on the team.

I still hold out more then tremendous hope and expectations they will snap around and pull through very well for the rest of the season!

Melinda said...

I am so sorry for having diarrhea of the mouth on my above comment....