Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To smart for her own britches

This is how my Grandma would describe Emma and I would have to agree. Here's why;

One day last week Emma was sitting on the counter in the kitchen and I was standing in front of her. She was looking me in the eyes and she could see her reflection in my pupils. I was surprised when she told me she could see herself in my pupils because I didn't know she knew what a pupil was. Emma then proceeds to tell me that when it's light out your pupils are small but when it's dark they get bigger. That brought on complete shock because Dave and I have never talked about pupils. I asked her where she learned that and of course she has no clue. Actually her exact answer was "I don't know I just learned it myself".

This brings us to yesterday morning. Dave and I were watching Fox News coverage of Hurricane Gustav. Emma was sitting on Dave's lap asking him questions about Hurricane's when she informs us that she knows how rain works. Of course Dave and I were very curious to hear her description of this thinking it would be something like God's tears. What we heard was, when there are puddles on the ground they turn into vapor and float to the sky. When they get to heavy it falls back down as rain drops unless it's cold then it comes down as snowflakes. Clearly Dave and I were not expecting this answer from her and we were silent for a few moments.

The only thing I could say was "and she can't start Kindergarten why?" I really would like an answer to this because it makes no sense. She can't tie her shoes so she can't start school even though she knows what rain is. Does this seem utterly stupid to anyone else?


Tiffany McCallen said...

It is a silly; you're right! But I can tell you that she probably won't notice that she had to wait a year to start kindergarten when she's older... or maybe she'll just skip a grade later! It all seems to work out the way it's supposed to. But yes, she is one smart cookie!

Insane Mama said...

She IS smart. I hope you'll remember the little people when she grows up to be a rcket scientist.

Emily said...

She is rediculously smart! What an astute observation!
Go Emma! It must be in the name ;)

Kelly said...

Wow, what a noggin she's got on her...what's the real reason she's not in kingergarten...is she past the age cut off for this year? You know, it may not necessarily be a bad thing to have to wait another year...she'll have the extra year of maturity and she'll be even more brillant and be put into the gifted program where she'll get more individualized attention and become even more brillant!
Wow, I think that was the longest run on sentence ever!! Please have Emma verify this for me!!

JWilson said...

Kelly: Emma wont turn 5 until October 5 this year. In Ohio the cutoff for Kindergarten is August 1st. However we have an early entrace exam that the child can take. It test them in three areas, Academics, Social Skills, and Developmental Skills. You have to score so many points in each area. The test actually is a gifted test so a 4yr old has to pass the 6yr old test. Emma did not miss a single thing in the Academic and Social areas but she missed three in the Developmental which was 2 to many. She can't tie shoes, dribble a basketball, or cut a cirle out using scissors.

I pray to god that next year they will consider her gifted because I fear if they don't she will end up like my brother who didn't do so well in school do to bordom. Emma's guidance coundlor is the same one my brother had and I love her so we have had some dicussions on what to watch for next year and some options we may have. So we will see.

OK that was relaly long and could ahve been a post sorry.