Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's My Name

I was named after my moms favorite Aunt Jessie. Unfortunately for me Jessica was the most popular name for girls in the 80's. In my kindergarten class I was one of 5 other Jessica's. So in order to be able to tell myself apart from all the other millions of Jessica's I took on a nickname. More accurately my mom gave me the nickname of her aunt. So for a while in school I was known as Jessie.

As I got older I took on more nicknames. Most of my elementary years my sister called me Jupiter Butt. Anyone who knows me knows that I never had a huge butt but since my sister didn't have one at all she thought mine was as big as Jupiter. Friends in school stopped calling me Jessie and stuck to just Jess. During the 80's my Aunt Pat always called me Jessie Sue and I have no idea where the Sue came from because it is not my middle name.

In middle school we moved from a small town to the capital city of our state which meant even more Jessica's because their were more people and most of them went by Jess. This created a problem when walking through the halls so my my best friend "B" started calling me "J". Soon my other friends picked up on it and for a while it was nice because I knew when someone was calling me. Around this same time I was given the book Little Women which I fell in love with and read about three times that year. After watching one of the movies with my sister she decided that I was just like Josephine and that became my new name at home. Of course Josephine was a bit long when Steph wanted to yell at me so it was eventually shortened to Jo. Those two names followed me through the rest of my school years. Well those and klutz.

While I was going to College I lived with my Aunt Pat and one day out of the blue she started calling me Jeznik. Of course my Uncle Ed picked up on this and they both still call me this. It was also during this time that everyone else in my life went back to calling me Jess, except my sister who still calls me Jo.

For the past nine years I have lived with the three nicknames of Jo (my favorite), Jess, and Jeznick. Then a few weeks ago my awesome friend Carrie gave me a new nickname. Well really it's two because the original name can be shortened and she has. The shortened nickname is BJ, now all you dirty people get your heads out of the gutters it doesn't stand for that.

So I have two questions for all of you.

1. What is the full nickname Carrie has given me?

2. Do you have a cool nickname?


Kelly said...

I missed the nickname you got from Carrie... :(

My Mom is infamous for the I am LinBin, Binnie, Lynn - all for my middle name, yup you guessed it, Lynn

My maiden name is my good friend in college started calling me De-Whore...Her last name was Tiso, so I called her Tease-Ho...can't you tell we loved each other?! ;)

My bestest friend calls me Wenchbag, I call her Ho.

So looking back...I need new friends!

Candid Carrie said...

Bull Crap Sistah! You were talking about BJs over by InSane MaMa's House. Go ahead, delete this if you want but InSane MaMa and I know the real deal on that one!

Alright, and as long as we are telling all here ... the reason Aunt Pat gave you the middle name of Sue? Well, that is because it is my middle name! Uh huh, Carrie Sue. And the same with A Woman's Preregative - Carey Sue.

And since Kelly brought up the topic of "Ho" ... When my oldest kid was in high school he came home and said Idaho was his favorite state. Like a mother, I asked why Idaho.

Response: Because I-Da-Ho and You-Da-Ho.

Oh yes, my "babies" didn't fall far from the tree, did they Jessica?

MC out.

JWilson said...

Allright MC I never said my nickname shouldn't be BJ (the dirty) I just said that wasn't what it was. :))

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

I'm guessing Buckeye Jess??!!!

I really have no idea but knowing you and the buckeyes and well your name, there you go.

Hmm, I am more of a nickname giver than getter but I have a few. Hahaha, and they have nothing to do with my real name. LOL!
In Highschool I was Hercules. I was a competitive swimmer and was setting records as a freshman so therefore...Hercules.
I've been Goldilocks (by my hubby) Blondie by a friend, Shorty by another friend.
Squishy, but that was by a friend who I called Droopy because our coach in Waterpolo said something about droopy arms. Anyway, yes we thought we were hilareous with those names.

I think most all of those are by males except the last one. What is it with Males giving me nicknames? Hmm?

Tiffany McCallen said...

I'm voting for buckeye something or other too. :)