Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Band Director from Hell!

In high school both Dave and I were in the Marching band. He played the Trombone and my first two years I played the flute and the last two I was in the Color Guard. Our band director was a women and her name was Mrs. Brown. She was a short skinny (back then) women but she acted like she was a giant. She was a very mean person and she didn't like me much because I would talk back to her.

For instance shortly after my Freshman year started I was dating a senior in the band. The guy was a loser and it didn't take me long to figure that out but before I did Mrs. Brown gathered all of us from the Freshman class to lecture us on how we were not allowed to date any seniors. This if course was not her decisson to make and she had no buisness saying anything to us and I let her know that. If my mom was ok with it then who cared what she thought. From that point on the battle was on and we spent the next four years hating each other.

Things were quit a bit differnt for Dave. For some reason that no one has been able to figure out Mrs. Brown loved Dave. From my first practice it was obvious that Dave could do whatever he wanted and she may tell him to stop but she would never yell or scream at him and most of the time she just plaine ignored any of the bad things he did. This also meant that one of the first rumors I heard as a Freshman was that Mrs. Brown and Dave Wilson were sleeping together.

A year and a half later Dave and I went on our first date. Shortly after that I remember asking Dave about that rumor to which he seemed really annoyed and completely disgusted. He had never slpet with her and said he never would because she was old and nasty! He also didn't know why she liked him and let him get away with things but he was no dummie about it and never said anything to her. A few weeks after we were offically boyfriend and girlfriend Mrs. Brown pulled Dave aside during his Jazz band class to talk to him about me. Someone had told her that we were dating and she didn't think that was such a good idea. She told Dave I was not a good person and no where near good enough for him. If you know any of the Wilson's then you know that they all share two of the same traits.

1. They don't like to be told what to do.

2. They have short tempers.

Both of these traits came out that day and Dave told Mrs. Brown that it was none of her busines who he did or didn't date and he could care less what she thought of me because he liked me. From the stories I've heard over the years from people that were there she didn't not like Dave yelling at her and it was a very awkward uncomfortable class that day. Even after that Dave was still her favorite student and I remained a pain in her butt.

About a month after Dave and I were married I was working in a jewlrey store in a local mall and Mrs. Brown came walking through. I noticed her and immediatly started walking towards the back of the store to hide out but she has seen me and came in anyway. She said she had seen our wedding announcemnet in the local paper and was very shocked by it. Stupid me had to ask her why she was shocked by it and that is when she told me that Dave and I were not meant for each other and she would be even more shocked if we weren't divorced with in 10 years. One of my co-workers was just around the corner in the back and had heard everything so she came out and asked for some assistance in the back. Thank god for her quick actions because I seriously was on the verge of hitting someone for the very first time in my life. I could not believe that this women would say something like that. She clearly is not a nice person and from what I hear Karama has come back to bite her in the butt.


Tabi said...

Sounds like someone had a crush on a student that they shouldn't have had! So, how many more years left do you have till 10 years to prove that lady wrong!?! People like that make me so stinking mad.

Candid Carrie said...

Oh my gosh ... You've got it all in here! You had high school, marching band, seniors, freshmen, hot teacher, jewelry store, mall. All you need is a majorette!

I'll bet every one had big hair and this is the song was story line of most of the Van Halen songs.

Cue close of Jessica trying to look like a Eddie Van Halen groupie: I'm A Slave To Dave!

Sorry Baby Jessica, I couldn't help myself. I had such a boring high school life that I need to live through year.

JWilson said...

Tabi: I have 4 more years untill the 10th anniversary and I plan on making it at least 40 more after that.

Carrie: I don't even know where to start. All I know is you crack me up. High School was not boring for me. I have plenty of crazy stories to share with you all I just figure it's best to space them out a little. :))

Kelly said...

Karma is a bitch!!!

Me thinks, she had a little crush on your man...why else would she have acted like that. Unless of course she had a crush on you ;)

Tabi said...

You Rock!! Your prove that lady wrong!! I just cannot imagine ANY of my teachers acting that way! Kinda gross if you think about it! She suppose to be the TEACHER!!!

Tiffany McCallen said...

So what happened to Mrs. Nasty Brown? Sounds to me like she got fat, no? If nothing else, isn't it fun to prove her wrong? :)

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

haha! What a bizarre way for a teacher to act. Um, wayyyyy too involved in what kids are doing OUTSIDE of class. What a snotty lady who needed to grow up and socialize with the older set. Haha, funny you guys are married now and she is WRONG!