Sunday, August 31, 2008

43 - 0

That was the score yesterday for the Buckeye's season opener against Youngstown State. For the most part it was an awesome game minus the few files goals that should have been touchdowns and Beanie's injury. It was nice to see Beanie walk back into the stadium after being carted out. Hopefully that means the injury isn't to serious and he will be back soon.

Now that is all I am going to say about yesterday's game because honestly there wasn't a whole lot to talk about. The kids and I watched the game at my good friend Shanna (nana as the kids would call her) house. She was having a first game party with lots of good food and fun. So here are a few pictures of the kids and some friends at the party.

Emma with her Brutus tattoo

Ian with his buddy in the kid size Buckeye's chair

Emma pouting because the boys are in the chair (the person behind her is Nana who is expecting her first child this winter. The kid chair is for him)

The three of them all happy and sitting in the chair

The back of Ian playing Candy Land. He refused to have is picture taken.

Before I leave you today I thought I would share another video with you. After each home game the Buckeye football team gathers in front of Block "O" and sings the schools alma mater Carmen Ohio to the fans. It's really cool to see. Now while I was searching for a video of this to share with you I came across the video of Cie Grant singing Carmen Ohio at the pep rally after we they won the National Championship Game in 2002. In case you don't know Cie Grant was a Linebacker on that team and he has an amazing voice. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it!


Kelly said...

It looks like all my fellow college football crazed fans had a good day yesterday!!!

Come by my blog...I've got a little somethin, somethin for ya! I'll stop stalking you one day....

Tabi said...

Now that is some serious football love right there! There is more red in there than christmas time! Looks like ya'll had a good day!

Jo-Jo said...

What a fun party that must have been! We had one here as well but it was a WVU party! Go Mountaineers! And hey, I am a McCain supporter too! What do you think about his running mate?

Emily said...

Emma is so SO cute, and she looks just like you!!!
Love it! GO BUCKS!

Tabi said...

Oh girl! You better believe I will be calling that eye dr. tomorrow and demanding my money back! The problem they left me with though is insurance will only cover one eye appt. a year so now they won't pay for another visit! Very frustrating b/c now we have to pay for the eye visits for both kids on our own when they had insurance! AGH!

Tiffany McCallen said...

GO BUCKS!!! I just love it when we win... :)