Saturday, August 9, 2008

Annual Shopping Event

Fall is fastly approaching and with that comes football. Specifically Buckeye Football! Buckeye Football is HUGE for us and we can't wait for those Saturday's on the banks of the Olentangy to come.

When Emma was born it was only natural to Dave and I that she have something Buckeye. So we found this cute little OSU dress for her. She actually wore that dress home from the hospital and then again that Saturday and every Saturday after. As the next fall approached we realized she didn't have anything OSU that fit so we went on a special trip to find her something to wear for that season. This is where the tradition started.

Every year since then Dave, the kids, and I make a special shopping trip just to get new OSU Buckeye gear for the upcoming season. This year was no different. Last night w went to Easton Town Center to the Buckeye Corner Store. Buckeye Corner has anything and everything you could ever want and more and it's all OSU. They have everything from furniture, to kitchen items, to clothes for all family members including your pests. For me it's a little like heaven.

We started off finding shirts for the kids which was fairly easy. Then we looked at some of the automotive accessories and the framed pictures. Then we went to Dave's section and he couldn't decide what he wanted this year so we looked at everything from Jersey's, then t-shirts, then the Polo's. He finally picked a very nice and simple polo shirt. Last up it was my turn, I was on the hunt for the cute Baby-T I had seen online but I couldn't find it. I was a little bummed by that because I really liked it. I kept looking though and eventually found a polo for myself that is super soft and different than anything I have. I also found and AWESOME and expensive jacket that I had better get for Christmas.

Of course I took some pictures to share with all of you. I can guarantee you will be seeing these allot in the next few months.

White Polo= Dave's
Red Polo= Mine
Red T-shirt w/ White Ohio State= Emma's
Red T-shirt w/ Black Football= Ian's
Red Bag= Free with $30.00 purchase

Now one of the best parts of the kids t-shirts is that they both have something on the backs of them. I should also point out that that kids each picked out there own without our imput. I wanted Ian to get this really cute gray one. Anyway here are the backs of the kids shirts.

Ian's is the one with the football and Emma's has one of the Block O logos.

I would say that it was a very successful trip and a fun evening. Of course we all worked up an appetite from all the shopping so we went to dinner before running a few other errands.

P.S. Today is my MIL's birthday. Happy Birthday Sharon!


Tiffany McCallen said...

Love LOVE those shirts!! We've gotta get some new stuff for Noah too. Thanks for the reminder! Last year he wore Ian's old Buckeye gear to pieces. But I LOVED that outfit. So cute.

JWilson said...

I'm glad Noah was able to reuse Ian's old gear.

Kelly said...

I totally understand the hoopla...same for us here only substitute Buckeyes for Gators!

Kelly said...

Also, sorry we couldn't take care of Michigan for you in last year's Capitol One Bowl. There were some great shirts from Ohio fans wanting see Michigan get what they deserved (again, sorry!)
You've probably seen them, but they were new to me and I thought they were hysterical:
"Ann Arbor is a Who.."
"Ann Arbor gave me herpes"

JWilson said...

Oh Kelly, I think I love you!!! just kidding but yes I have seen those and many many more. We Buckeye's have a lot of fun with that team from up North as we call them. :)) Babies around here usually get the onsies that say poop on Michigan. :)))

Susie said...

My daughter is going to be a Badger in the fall so...we might be rivals:-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I think brats sound good anytime:-)


OMG. You left SUCH a nice comment on my blog, and I come over to visit your lovely blog, only to
I am a Florida Gator, born and bred and until the day I die.
Whaddya think...can such a controversial relationship ever work in blog land? ;o)
Thanks for stopping by my blog!