Monday, August 25, 2008

Drunken Swimming

Hello all you campers from Camp Candid Carrie. I’m so glad to have you all hear so come on in, take your coats off and stay a while.

When Carrie asked me if she could send all of you to me for the day I was so excited and obviously said yes. Then it hit me, what the heck am I going to talk about and entertain you with. A good hostess always entertains her guest you know. I thought about talking about Dave, or the kids, maybe Ohio, there is always the option of my Buckeyes. I ultimately decided I was going to take you back in time and tell you about my first drinking experience.

So hold on tight, here we go……

The year is 1996 and I was fifteen. Fifteen was a very big year for me, I got drunk for the first time and I lost my virginity at 15. (Stop, it’s not as bad as it sounds, the guy I lost my virginity to lost his to me and we are married now.) Anyway, it was Labor Day weekend and I was going up to Lake Erie to spend the weekend with my best friend, who we will call “B” and her family at the Marina where their boat was. B was always a wild child who would try anything once so before we left she asked me if I was going to be ok with all the parties we would be at that weekend. She knew that I was not one to be pressured into anything and up until then I never did anything wrong or bad. I actually told her I was looking forward to the parties because I wanted to get drunk for the first time. B was so excited about this, don’t ask me why but she was.

So the first night the Marina had a big catered dinner, an open bar, and a DJ. Let’s just say the adults were all really distracted and drunk including B’s parents. This meant all the teens were throwing parties of their own. B and I walked onto the first boat and she introduced me to the guy throwing the party. For the life of me I can’t remember his real name but he was a Lifeguard so that’s what we will be calling him. Lifeguard was 19; blond hair, blue eyed, and drop dead gorgeous! The boat we were on was his, his parents bought it for him as a high school graduation present so there was no chance of any adults coming back to it. B told him that I had never drank before but I wanted to. Lifeguard said he would take good care of me so off B went to find another guy to do god knows what with him. (I know this probably sounds really dangerous but I promise Lifeguard was a really nice guy and he didn’t try anything I didn’t want him to, but that comes later.)

Since I had never drank anything before, Lifeguard got me a beer and said that I was sticking to that for the night because he didn’t need me getting alcohol poisoning. So I stuck to beer and I drank a lot of it. Lifeguard stuck to his word and stayed with me the whole night. I would love to know what he thought about my crazy young self but he must have liked something about it.

Once the alcohol kicked in things got interesting. Anyone that has seen me truly drunk (especially Tif and Lindsay) knows that I like to dance, I laugh at everything, and I am not shy at all. This night was no different. I danced my little booty off and it was a blast. I’m sure we all want to forget this song but back then The Macarena was huge and when it came on I HAD to dance to it. I even made Lifeguard do it with me. Let’s just say it’s a good thing there weren’t cameras on cell phones because it was one big mess but I thought I was hot stuff.

At one point in the night B, some guy she found, Lifeguard and I decided to take a walk out to the rocks to look at the water. This was not an easy task for me because of how drunk I was. Walking in a straight line was just not possible. Now remember I was at a Marina which meant DOCKS people!! There is only so much room on each side that you can sway. I managed to sway a little too far to one side and off I went into Lake Erie. Lifeguard immediately kicked into work mode and jumped in after me because he was worried I was too drunk to swim and I would drown. I was able to swim just fine but I let he swim me back to shore and help me out.

Hello HOT college boy!

I must say that this was one of the most embarrassing moments of my entire life but the embarrassment didn’t last long. Once we finally made it to the Rocks, which were more like cliffs, B and the guy she was with disappeared leaving Lifeguard and I alone. At first we just talked about all kinds of things then it happened. Lifeguard leaned in and kissed me. We spent the next hour or so kissing and making out. Up until I met him I had only kissed three guys and only made out with one so this was not something I did. I can remember my heart racing the entire time. (Just in case anyone is wondering this all happened 3 months before I met Dave.)

We spent the rest of that weekend together. He even came to Cedar Point with B and me the next day and helped me cover up my major hangover from B’s mom. It was not easy to get on those roller coasters already feeling like I was going to spew all over the place. I think the only thing that helped me was him being there. I had already done one embarrassing thing in front of him and I was not about to do something else.

I have always wondered if Lifeguard liked me or if he was after something from me, and if he did like me why? There were so many beautiful college age girls there that weekend that would have done anything to get his attention but he never seemed to care. He also never tried anything that I was uncomfortable with; he truly was a nice guy.

Well I hope you’ve had a good time visiting me today, I have really enjoyed your company. Feel free to drop by whenever you’re in the neighborhood. Unless of course it’s Game Day and you’re rooting for the team my Buckeye’s are playing or you’re a Michigan fan. Sorry Carrie I couldn’t resist, you had to know the one little mention of my Buckeyes just wouldn’t be enough.


Candid Carrie said...

Morning Little Miss Sunshine! Here's hoping you are sober enough today to read what I wrote about you! Alright, I am just kidding!

Funny story and you are darn lucky there weren't camera phones available at that time! It must have been painful for you to live during that prehistoric time ;)

Back in my day, you had to find a wallphone and wait for someone to get off the party line so you could call somebody!

This Mom said...

Congrat of being the place for us campers.

Thanks for taking me down your memory lane. Made me remember my first drunken experience, not that I am willing to share I would like to make a good first inpression with the girl in the back of me in the line in case she MIGHT wannna be my friend.;0)

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Haha! That is a fun story. I can't believe you were 15! Wow, you are a bad girl. ;) And yes camera phones are convenient and NOT good at parties these days. What girl looks good in drunken photos...NONE!

Jen said...

Nice story, Jess! I am glad you were featured today.

Mamahut said...

Your story sounds vaguely familiar?? Hmmm, oh yeah that was me 100 years ago. Ok, not a hundred but a lot.

And I am sure hottie lifeguard really liked you, because you were being you.

btw I am over from Carries.

Have a great day!

Kelly said...

You were a crazy child!!! Glad to know another one!! ;) Love a good drunken's the heathen in me.

Emily said...

Jess, we need to go out and DANCE if you know what I mean!
Good story! Congrats on hostess duties!

Insane Mama said...

Yea, at least be thankful that technology is not what it is today..otherwise there would be drunken pictures of you all over the internet... HAHA

leezee52 said...

I'm here with Carrie's Camp! Cool blog.
My Aunt went to Ohio State way back in the 1940's!

Lee :)