Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's take a walk shall we

Well it's going to be more of a ride but you get my point.

I had such a good time having all the Campers from Camp Candid Carrie visit me yesterday that I thought I would share the love and host a field trip for Carrie.

I have only known this person for about 4 years but you would never know it if you heard us. She is one of those people that you feel like you have known all your life.

It's kind of funny how we came to know each other. One evening my husband Dave went over to his friend Dave's (who we we will call Big D) to watch an OSU Buckeye's football game with the guys. This lady lived across the hall from Big D and got brave enough to go over and ask to watch the game with all the guys because she didn't have cable at the time. I remember my Dave coming home that night and telling me that They all met this girl and Big D really liked her. Now if you knew Big D back then this didn't mean a whole lot because he didn't have a very good track record with the ladies. A short time later I got to met this during a birthday party at a bar and I was pleasantly surprised. She was beautiful and nice. It wasn't much longer before I saw her again at Big D's Purple Heart Ceremony (yep she got a war hero) and I thought man I really like this one and she is so normal.

Before I knew it these two were engaged, married, and having a baby. I am so glad she was brave enough to walk into that room full of guys to watch the Buckeye's game because my life just wouldn't be the same without her in it.

Oh and one more thing before you go but it's because of this person that you all know me. She started blogging long before I did and frankly she is much better than I am. She was a journalism major after all.

are you dying yet? Do you want to know who it is that I love so much?

If the answers is yes than you have to go through the Badger State and Camp Candid Carries to come back to the wonderful Buckeye State and my awesome friend.

As Carries always says.....

No pushing, no shoving, and keep your arms inside the link at all times!


Tiffany McCallen said...

Oh Jess, that's so sweet! If you're going to thank me for being brave, though, you've got to thank the six beers I had that night while drowning my sorrows. I was working on liquid courage that night, for sure! So glad we met all those years ago...

JWilson said...

I don't care what made you brave you were to walk into that room with those guys drunk or not. :))